My Approach

My approach draws on psychoanalysis and analytical psychology – broadly speaking, Freudian and Jungian ideas. It can offer you the opportunity to feel more grounded within yourself and can help equip you better for future challenges and decisions.

Psychoanalytic treatment, particularly the more intensive forms, can bring about very deep-seated change. It’s a process that fosters your understanding of yourself and your difficulties, as well as how you relate to others.

My way of working can help you feel heard and understood rather than offering advice or ready-made solutions. This focus on developing a better understanding of one’s own experience can bring purpose and meaning to your life as you discover your own ways to move forward.


Jungian Analysis

Jungian Analysis is an intensive, open-ended form of treatment that aims for deep-seated change in the way our inner world is structured. Jungian Analysis is a highly effective psychological treatment that can significantly diminish suffering and improve health and wellbeing. It’s particularly suited for individuals who want to understand themselves and their difficulties via an in-depth, long term relational process.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a specialist ‘talking therapy’ that fosters deep-seated internal change by increasing awareness of the individual’s inner world and its impact on his/her ways of relating. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a highly effective psychological treatment that can be of benefit to individuals suffering with a wide variety of psychological problems.

Mentalization-Based Therapy

Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT) is applied psychoanalytically-oriented, evidence based psychological therapy which has been shown to be particularly useful for people who suffer long-term difficulties in relationships and who experience intense emotional distress and overwhelming feelings.

Agata Pisula

I offer a confidential, safe and highly professional relationship in a caring and containing environment where you can discuss whatever may be troubling you and clarify areas of difficulty without fear of judgment.

Get in touch

It’s important that you feel comfortable with the therapist so please call or email me to arrange an initial brief telephone conversation. We will then meet for a consultation during which we will explore how we may work together before making a longer term commitment to ongoing therapy.


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