Therapy for Stress

Stress is, in itself, not an emotion but a response to physical or mental triggers. The triggers to stress are specific to individuals. What one person views as a ‘stressful’ situation or scenario another might consider challenging or even fun.

Stress is part of life and coping with a certain amount can be desirable, challenging us to stretch ourselves and reach our potential. Too much stress however can be overwhelming and can damage our resilience.  When stress or stressful feelings are sustained and carried too long our minds and sometimes our bodies start to show the strain.

Do I need help with my stress levels?

The result of not managing stress or feeling that we have too much stress in our lives can have an impact on both our physical and mental health.

Common symptoms of too much stress are:

  • Feeling tired but not able to relax
  • Feeling overwhelmed and wound up
  • Irritability, anxiety and mood swings
  • Disrupted sleep or insomnia
  • Physical symptoms such as bowel problems or palpitations
  • Lack of interest and pleasure in life

Psychotherapy for stress in London

Tackling stress is often about making changes.  Sometimes there are practical changes to identify but sometimes you might also need to explore those aspects of your personality that have pushed you into the stressful situation in the first place.

Managing your stress levels through psychotherapy can be key in tackling the underlying causes of stress and developing ways of handling stress more effectively, which would ultimately promote psychologically healthier patterns of living.

Psychotherapy can help you to explore the causes of your stress, including those created by family, work or past experiences. It may be important to understand what may be maintaining your high stress levels; for example, some behaviors serve to exacerbate stress.

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Some helpful information about dealing with stress

This website has some very useful articles that clearly explain many mental health issues. They offer advice on stress symptoms and signs that you may be under too much stress

The mental health organisation Mind offer really useful insights and suggestions to help you with the management of stress

Considering starting therapy can be a difficult step to take but finding someone who is able to understand can feel like a relief.

Agata Pisula

I offer a confidential, safe and highly professional relationship in a caring and containing environment where you can discuss whatever may be troubling you and clarify areas of difficulty without fear of judgment.

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